dlocal unveils Merchant Dashboard to help clients optimize business outcomes

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Uruguay based dlocal, a FinTech company providing 360 payments technology platform for emerging markets, has announced the launch of its new Merchant Dashboard, offering a simplified, centralized view of all transaction data, enabling them to make better decisions for their businesses.

Rodrigo Sánchez Prandi, VP of Product, dlocal

The new Merchant Dashboard will benefit dLocal clients by:

  • Faster, better data-driven decision making: The dashboard provides a centralized place for viewing all emerging markets customer payments data, giving deep insights into shoppers’ behavior. The transactional data covers 20 emerging markets and their currencies in a single view to empower merchants with more informed decisions concerning the expansion strategy.
  • Multicurrency management: All operations in emerging markets can be centralized under the same multicurrency dashboard, enabling merchants to handle 20 different currencies under the same interface, thereby boosting operational scalability capacity. The FinTech has also introduced a “Balance Currency” for each merchant account, which shows the preferred currency providing the flexibility to choose how exactly he wants to transact with dLocal.
  • Granular reporting: Clients will have the ability to view, search, and run granular reports on all relevant transaction data, including details on payment type, payin/payout balances, and refunds and chargebacks statuses. The dashboard also includes functionality that allows them to initiate and track refund requests and chargeback dispute processes directly from the dashboard.
  • Improved refund and Chargeback handling: Merchants can safely handle all alternative payments methods and all cards payments refunds via a single, centralized location, resulting in time savings. New chargeback notifications and live chargeback status updates will reduce chargeback-handling complexities, increasing efficiencies.

“Whether you run a successful international business, or are just beginning to expand to new countries, the value of having easy access to relevant data sets, especially when it comes to payments, cannot be overstated. We’re pleased to be bringing this new dashboard to our valued clients as we work alongside them to optimize their business outcomes and support their international growth goals,” said Rodrigo Sánchez Prandi, VP of Product, dlocal.

Founded in 2016, dlocal is a 360 payments technology platform designed to handle mass online payments in emerging markets. It helps in eliminating cross-border payment complexities and minimizing operational costs. The company recently partnered with Shopify to help SMBs with local payment methods.

Source: https://ibsintelligence.com/

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