Infographic: 10 mobile security myths exposed

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Businesses have been investing heavily in their cybersecurity infrastructure. However, mobile devices and mobile security in most organisations remain an unprotected asset – an easy way in for opportunistic cybercriminals.As a result, mobile devices are increasingly involved in security breaches. According to the Verizon Mobile Security Index, in 2019, 33% of companies admitted they’d suffered a security compromise in which a mobile device played a role, up from 27% in 2018. Yet the adoption of adequate security is lagging.
With the threat landscape rapidly evolving, it’s vital that companies take proactive measures to mitigate their attack surface and get a holistic view of their IT infrastructure.
Wandera looked at data from its global network of millions of corporate devices, plus research from third-party sources, to put to rest the common misconceptions that prevent businesses from investing in mobile security.

10 most common mobile security misconceptions10 most common mobile security misconceptions

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