‘The disruptors will be disrupted’: The man who runs the $100 billion SoftBank Vision Fund offers bold predictions for how different the world will look in 10 years

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You don’t end up in charge of a multibillion-dollar venture fund filled with some of the world’s hottest young companies without thinking multiple steps ahead.rajeev misra softbank vision fundJust ask Rajeev Misra, the CEO of SoftBank Investment Advisers. He has modeled out his version of the future and deployed his firm’s capital accordingly. It currently makes up the $100 billion Vision Fund, the biggest venture fund in existence.
A quick peak inside Misra’s Vision Fund portfolio is a veritable who’s who of startup royalty. It includes WeWork, Uber, DoorDash, and Slack among the crown jewels. Once a company is brought into the fold at SoftBank, the mandate is straightforward enough: If you grow enough, you’ll get more money.
At the recent Milken Institute Global Conference, Misra spoke about what he looked for in the roughly 80 companies featured in the Vision Fund at a given time.

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At the core of it, Misra likes so-called platform businesses that can use money to invest in technology and achieve greater scale. There’s also the added element of how target companies might work in tandem with existing portfolio holdings. Those types of synergies can make individual firms even stronger.
But that was just part of Misra’s interview at Milken. As a final question, the interviewer — none other than Michael Milken himself — asked the Vision Fund CEO where he saw the world in 10 years.
The response offered an incredible look into how Misra sees the world morphing over the coming decade. It also provides crucial context around some of the investments already present in the portfolio — ones that were clearly made with these paradigm-altering forecasts in mind.
“The disruptors will be disrupted in the next five or 10 years,” Misra said. “I believe that a lot of what we take for granted today — like the smartphone, which didn’t exist 12 years ago — will change dramatically.”
He continued: “That relates to retail outlets, hotels, mobility, the way we consume food at restaurants.”

Source: https://www.businessinsider.com

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