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Jorge Diaz


Jorge Diaz
  • Civil engineer - School of Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. (1973).
  • M.Sc. in Planning and Engineering of Transports - University of Leeds, England.(1977).

Advisor to companies and public institutions in areas of IT governance, management and strategy.

Professor (Auxiliar), Department of Science of the Computation, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He dictates courses in Strategy and IT and eBusiness

Partner and board member in Xinergia Laboral S.A. (Provider of part-time technical and administrative personnel and business process outsourcing).

Board member in CMR Falabella (credit card financing company of the Falabella group), SOS Logistica S.A. (Supplier of outsourcing services of acquisition and logistics), Novis S.A. (Application Service Provider of SAP systems in Chile and Mexico), Solex S.A. (Sales and marketing of maintenance support software).

2003 - 2006: Partner and President of Choshuenco Administradora de Fondos de Inversion S.A., (managing the public Investment Fund Columba, oriented towards early risk capital investment in new technology companies).

2000 - 2003: Partner and Technical VP of Virtualia S.A. (developer of an Internet community portal for the youth).

1981 - 2000: Senior manager in SONDA S.A. (the largest Chilean IT services company)

Carrying out diverse positions, including Corporate Business Development VP, CEO of Digital Equipment Latin America (marketing and sales of DEC products el LA), Corporate Sales and Marketing Manager and CEO of SONDA´s Banking Solutions subsidiary. During this period of 20 years, he participated as a manager and leader in numerous projects of systems development, IT services development, including new data processing services, development of an ISP, development of branch banking applications sold world-wide. He also was in charge of developing new businesses and subsidiaries, and of the acquisition of several companies in Chile and Latin America.

1996 - 1998: Partner and Board member in Cablexpress S.A.

A company of cable TV, at present part of the Chilean comunications holding VTR.

1974 - 1979 Partner and consultant in TRANSIN Ltda.,

A consultant firm specialized in the field of transport systems management.

1973 - 1981: Professor, Department of Transport Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Doing research in the areas of development and calibration of models of simulation of urban transport and social evaluation of projects. Teaching included Economic Engineering, Project Evaluation and Urban Transport Modeling and Planning.

Phillips 56, Of. 36, Santiago - Chile - Tel. (56-2) 7992300 - (56-2) 7992301 - Fax (56-2) 7992302, [email protected]